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الرئيسية » The vision and The mission

The vision and The mission

The vision

  • ·         participating in preparing the distinguished technical cadres in different disciplines which the society needs and the comprehensive development fields require and provide the qualified in the new specializations which   the labor market requires.
    • Providing a distinguished education which participates in preparing the scientists and thinkers which represent the real wealth for the society development.
    • The continuous development for the academic and post graduate affairs programs to cope with the technological and the scientific development.


  • ·        Conduct the researches and the scientific and the applied studies which related to the society problems and the development programs in Upper Egypt.
    • Presenting the consultative experiences for the authorities, the scientific institutions and faculties of Engineering at the universal and the Arab Universities.
    • Assuring the importance of the noble human values, deepen the national values of loyalty and keeping the genuine values of the society.

The mission

Engineering is the profession that applies the basic sciences in addition to the engineering sciences to develop and create the methods and styles, and to design systems, buildings, devices and machines for the best use of materials and natural resources in the way that develops the human societies.

The faculty seeks to prepare a generation of engineers capable of working in the basic industrial and executive organizations, work sites, consultation offices, and the technical tasks perfectly and on a high level of ethics which enable them to carry out their tasks effectively  and also they should have the skills of dealing with the technical workers . Also, the faculty seeks to develop their scientific and technical level continuously so as to be able to meet the needs of modernization and preparing the skillful cadres which can keep with and apply modern technology.